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Aircraft Scheduling   Abebaw Kemaw Masresha

Aircraft Scheduling

68 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As airlines frequently have heavy costs and are capital intensive, the efficiency with which aircrafts are scheduled is crucially important. Efficient fleet utilization is characterized by how many percent of the airplanes' carrying capacity is filled with payload. Load factor is the best measure of performance in airline industry. In this book, Aircraft are scheduled based on their contribution to the load factor.It is tried to include as many variables as possible in the mathematical formulation to model the actual airline operation. The branch and bound algorithm is used to solve the linear binary problem where the revised simplex method is applied to solve its linear relaxation. Computer program is also developed to read inputs, solve and export outputs to the desired format. Finally, solution results show that load factor can be improved by applying the proposed model. In general, airline operators can raise their performance by implementing such a scheduling system.
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