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Working Capital Management of Sugar Companies in India   Velavan M.

Working Capital Management of Sugar Companies in India

296 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book covers the important techniques which are very useful of the managerial personnel in their decision making process and continues to provide an in-depth on how to use accounting information for financial analysis, profit planning, cost control and liquidity management.it examines the basic accounting principles and practice in a lucid and logical manner, with the help of numerous analysis.The present text endeavors to keep abreast of these changes and attempts to acquainted them and especially the students of business, commerce and related professional courses with the theoretical concepts and analytical tools in the field of financial management, commerce and management.Readers who are new to the field of research in the field of commerce and management and not well versed with business terminologies will especially benefit from this book.
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