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A Study on Leads Generation Process   Syed Muthaher Nawaz

A Study on Leads Generation Process

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Though the process of leads is all about positively identifying the target before you pull the trigger. It is equally important to identify as many targets as possible because no matter how great the pitch for the sales is, "success in sales is always probabilistic" because it involves many aspects like need of service/product, psychological state of the customer, price, time etc. Hence it becomes crucial to use the available time productively by following a method which is not only statistical but also logical. This dissertation has been evolved based on real time experience of leads generation for multiple trade shows. The procedure for leads generation has been derived out of multiple iteration and continuous brainstorming for making it better each time. From a holistic view the fuzzy method of target identification can be invariably used in multiple scenarios apart from sales.For example selection of candidates in a recruitment process or selection of vendors where choice...
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