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Causes and impact of staff turnover at polytechnics in Zimbabwe   Cairo Mhere and Maxwell Musingafi

Causes and impact of staff turnover at polytechnics in Zimbabwe

108 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
High staff turnover is a result of both pull and push factors and has a negative impact on oganizational performance. Major factors leading to high staff turnover in Zimbabwean polytechnics include poor working conditions, macro-economic and political factors, education and training and better opportunities elsewhere. High staff turnover has impacted negatively on the quality of polytechnic education, operations and service delivery. Staff turnover rate was estimated at between 33% and 40% by the end of 2006. it is thus recommended that government should review salaries and other conditions of service for staff at polytechnics as a way of retaining, attracting and motivating staff. The study also recommends that further research be conducted in vocational training centers, polytechnics in other regions and in universities across the country in Zimbabwe to establish the causes and impact of staff turnover in those institutions in order to come up with a national ...
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