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Social Responsibility Of The Lebanese Private Universities   Hasan Youness

Social Responsibility Of The Lebanese Private Universities

180 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Universities’ role is gaining more importance than ever before due to the challenges facing the stakeholders to whom such universities appeal.When the power structure of the community is highly respected and the approach of the universities becomes more stakeholders’ centered,the negative externalities and societal challenges can be lessened.Such negative externalities and societal challenges are ubiquitous in Lebanon which requires assessing the social responsibility of the Lebanese private universities in preparing students to combat these challenges and in appealing to the stakeholders. This study argues that the Lebanese private universities can acquire an edge when adopting high socially responsible practices especially in the presence of hyper competition which characterizes the industry. This study attempts to explore the stance of the Lebanese universities regarding social responsibility through taking a sample which is Notre Dame University (NDU).The assessment of social...
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