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Success Through Part-time Employees   Abu Elnasr Sobaih

Success Through Part-time Employees

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The toolkit is aimed at all hospitality managers who either employ part-time staff or are considering employing them in the future. It is designed to act either as a standalone package or as an integral part of on-going management policy. A checklist for management practices with part-time employees is provided at the beginning of the toolkit and helps managers highlight areas that may need improvements. The results of this checklist will aid managers in deciding which of the tools within the package are most applicable to their situation. The toolkit enables managers to better support part-time staff and their sub-groups. It discusses the problems that may face their management and provide advice on how manager could deal with these problems. The advice and information in this toolkit are provided by expert panel of practitioners in the UK hospitality industry using a Delphi study. The toolkit also helps academics and all of those interested to better understand of part-time staff,...
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