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Total Quality Management Assessment Model For Manufacturing Companies   Anna Bella Siriban-Manalang

Total Quality Management Assessment Model For Manufacturing Companies

164 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The development of the quantitative TQM assessment model in large Philippine manufacturing companies involved the identification of indicators through concept mapping. The latent statistical relationships among the variables were examined using principal components analysis and multi- collinearity analysis. Categorized into four clusters, the levels of TQM adoption among the respondent organizations were found to be distinct and well-discriminated from each other. Multi-axial graphs of the various cases show that while there are some striking similarities across the sample companies, there are subtle differences that separate companies from one another. Four relevant indicators surfaced as predictor variables from a Multiple Linear Regression analysis. This exploratory work on large-scale companies shows that there is a need for organizing benchmarking efforts by looking at quantifiable variables as measures for continuously improving the competitive advantages of ...
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