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Role of protection of basic services in enhancing decentralization   Mulatu Kabeta Likassa,Teferi Regassa Habtewold and Yoseph Cherinet Megerssa

Role of protection of basic services in enhancing decentralization

96 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this book awareness on the importance of protection of basic services and allocation of funds in the context of Bishoftu city administration Oromia regional state Ethiopia was elucidated. However, the public at the grass root level and the end user are not informed transparently to request the services and contribute their due shares. Though, the number of education and health services infrastructures have shown dramatic increment in the city, the health services client respondents and the focus group discussion teams claim that it is not in pace with the number of students enrollment and health service seekers, in terms of quality and accessibility. As the notion of public service delivery is comprehensive, this study prioritized its scope to education and health sectors by the guidance of certain principles developed by UN General Assembly (2011:49) such as participation, rule of law, transparency, responsiveness, effectiveness & efficiency, accountability and strategic vision...
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