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Essentials of Industrial Relations Management   Jones Orumwense

Essentials of Industrial Relations Management

316 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Workplace is an important part of most peoples Lives. It is also undergoing enormous change in the world today. Much of what many took for granted about employment has already changed. Union Membership has never been so tough. New Laws and practices founded on economic rationalism are changing the face of industrial relations. New terms like employees relations, Labour flexibility, individual contracts and enterprise bargaining are the Language of todays workplace. rarely , before has the study of industrial relations had such a significant and practical relevance as it does today. It is important, therefore, for future employees and managers to have some understanding of industrial relations in the current climate of change. Rapid globalisation of national economies and the growth of multinational corporations throughout the world is forcing greater competitiveness and new approaches to management of Labour.For employers the climate of change is creating new challenges and...
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