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Strategies To Be Successful In Life   Robert Baden Ekuma

Strategies To Be Successful In Life

304 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book affirms your future and equips you with skills to formulate Strategies that will enable you to analyze different environmental situations and to know the intent that reinvigorate your business, to have control systems in place to harness your People’s power and know your strongest business assets. You will be able to bring paradigm shift in the way your business is done to produce unique products and services to your customers.Build a star team with diversity of thoughts, perceptions and backgrounds that understands stakeholder’s needs but not a team of stars.It opens your potential to become a renown successful person in your area, just as the Japanese did after the Second World War.It’s a live fountainhead for the outpouring of positive achievements, in the areas of governance, management and leadership, by making you a better CEO.In a competitive world full of challenges, loyalty effects when you are poor is difficult to be won, not even your relatives and friends would...
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