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Significance of Human Resource Management to Organizations   Titiloye Oyebanji

Significance of Human Resource Management to Organizations

2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
No organization, anywhere in the world, can achieve its objectives in full and variety without dependable, credible, rightly engaged and well-motivated personnel. All organizations, irrespective of size, nature of business, location, economic or social constraints, should strive to give priority to the welfare of their workforce. Employees are seen as the key to organizational success as they are the ones who implement policies and practices of management. They are often involved in physical contacts with customers, and or making of the products or rendering of services. This book examines the significance of human beings as a part of the assets of an organization, and the need to treat them creditably well so as to enhance their performance/productivity to the advantage of the organization. All other assets of the organization cannot function effectively without the personnel being adequately motivated. The book is an invaluable tool for HR Professionals,...
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