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Making Decent Working Life a Reality   Emmanuel Tanui and Shadrack Bett

Making Decent Working Life a Reality

104 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
This book addresses challenges affecting implementation of occupational health and safety management strategy in private multinational organizations in the developing world. Health programmes usually deal with the prevention of ill-health arising from working conditions while safety programmes are concerned with the prevention of accidents and minimizing the resulting loss and damage to persons and property. Ignorance, illiteracy, economic constraints, cultural characteristic and indifferent attitudes of the workers have made greedy entrepreneurs not to maintain safe working standards in many developing countries. Thus the workers are victims of critical attitude of these developing countries. The book was considered important to private sector stakeholders especially the top management of private multinational organizations and trade union in coming up with better ways of implementing and addressing employees’ benefits, health and safety issues. Also academia or researchers in...
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