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The factors influencing Chinese managers' turnover   Rong Yu

The factors influencing Chinese managers' turnover

288 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Do you face the difficulties on managing Chinese mid-and top level managers’ turnover in the international corporations located in China, by simply applying the finds of the empirical turnover research in the West? This dissertation may help you! By interviewing and surveying over 400 mid-and top level Chinese managers on the spot, the author indicated that the factors influence managers' turnover through their impacts not only on turnover intention, but also on the perceived attraction of alternative jobs and the shocks. This research points out that managers' perceptions of alternative jobs information from the headhunters and HR staffs of rival companies increased the attractions of alternative jobs to Chinese managers, which should be concerned by the HR department of the corporations. Practically, this research provides some implications for the retention management in the International Corporations which locate in the economic environment with a high labor shortage, like China.
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