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Comparative Study of Courier Service Providers   Manali Bhagawati

Comparative Study of Courier Service Providers

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The project a comparative study of Human Resource Activities of Courier Service Provider in Guwahati city mainly deals with the strategic and integrated part in relation to human resources of courier service. The use and effective control of man power is the major area in courier service for effective communication and delivery system. In the context of stiff competition and high expectations from customers the courier services must have a driving force so as to play a positive role. All these matters are exclusively dealt with in the project in relation to general administration of the employees, manpower planning, recruitment and selection, induction and training, performance appraisal, designing the salary structure, incentives, payroll and Compensation, human resource information System., periodical review of the employees and employee satisfaction, adhering to the statutory compliances like PF, ESI and other beneficiary activities, grievances redressal, corporate social...
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