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The Maximum Capture Problem   Arifusalam Shaikh,Said Salhi and Malick M. Ndiaye

The Maximum Capture Problem

196 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research investigates an uncapacitated discrete location problem called maximum capture (MAXCAP) model, where the number of facilities to be opened is specified and has no capacity constraints. Revelle (1986) presented the Maximum Capture Model in which a new competing firm A seeks to locate p new stores in a spatial market where other firms, say B are already competing for clients. The objective of the new firm is to maximize its market capture. This problem is reviewed, the drawback of the model discussed and a quick and simple method along with two revised formulations are presented. New MAXCAP related problems are developed and formulation provided. A GA is developed to obtain the best solution for one of the models developed. A decision support system is developed using the interface between the GIS and a heuristic based on GA. Further, robust analysis is also adopted to find the best ways of finding a robust solution. This book can be a useful reference ...
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