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Management Functions and Organizational Behavior   R. Dayanandan

Management Functions and Organizational Behavior

368 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Regardless of their size, scope, or location, all organizations have one common goal – accomplishment of task effectively and efficiently. Also they have at least one thing in common- comprised of people. It is those people who make decisions about the strategic direction of the organization. The study of human behavior in organizations is interesting, dynamic, and challenging. No matter how effective a manager might be, all organizational suc¬cesses and failures are the result of the behaviors of many people. In¬deed, no manager can succeed without the assistance of others. One of the primary goals of this book is to provide prospective workers of an organization with knowledge and understanding of self and others so that they can interact successfully in the workplace. Secondly, to provide present and future managers with guidelines concerning proper management actions and techniques to accomplish their tasks efficiently. Further, opportunities to develop better personal and...
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