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Valuation With Capital Structure   Simmi Khurana and Moumita Ghosh

Valuation With Capital Structure

64 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Proper Valuation of Companies is essential to judge their value in the market whether it is properly valuated or there is misconception between market perception and Companies Outlook. Valuation of Company provides detailed information to their Stakeholder’s and Government. An attempt was made to develop Financial Models through which valuation could be done effectively. These model are P/E model through which company’s performance could be judged and Comparable Company analysis to equate with similar Company. With the help of these model one could find whether the company's share is overvalued or undervalued which will help them to take a decision in regards to their investment in the company. A investor can predict the financial stability of the company through calculate the Economic value Added, which is based on Capital Asset pricing model. The company having inclined Economic value added will attract more investors because investors need not only dividend but also appreciation...
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