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Consumer satisfaction and loyalty in hypermarket industry   Nafiseh Eshghi Golbaz,Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid and Ali Asgari

Consumer satisfaction and loyalty in hypermarket industry

132 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Hypermarket industry is gaining popularity in these recent days. With variety of merchandise, services and facilities offering under-one-roof, consumers prefer to patronize in this store. Hence, understanding the consumer behavior in hypermarket is a great platform for retailers to be competitive. Lifestyle changes call for a need to further analyse consumer preferences to be aligned with the store attributes provided, which then lead to consumer satisfaction and ultimately store loyalty. However, lack of evaluation in the above matter would be resulted in unidentified focus as generalization from others may not be parallel. Additionally, many of previous study have partially examine the four important variable of lifestyle, store attributes, consumer satisfaction and store loyalty, showing its importance, conversely none have consider all four as a continuous model, which is the contribution of this study. Therefore, this study examined the relationship between three factor of...
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