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He is perfect; don't hire him   Albert A. Marais

He is perfect; don't hire him

200 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The corporate psychopath, also called sociopath or anti-social personality, is able to hide in plain sight. His brain is wired in the same way as that of the serial killer or armed robber. Yet corporations today shower him with adoration and reward. The psychopath is able to manipulate those around him into believing in his charm and 'talent'. He lies and deceives and leaves financial destruction and immeasurable human suffering in his wake. And he is never held accountable. The Republic of South Africa, a country with high ideals, but struggling with the challenges of a complex emerging economy, is no exception. Citing the work of the foremost experts in the world, on the subject of the corporate psychopath, as well as drawing on his own extensive experience in the investigation of white-collar crime, the author researches the phenomenon of the corporate psychopath in South Africa and offers a number of practical solutions. This book is for everyone who is ever likely to come into...
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