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Is there correlation between social and economic value?   Alexandru Ciherean,Francesco Perrini and Alfred Vernis

Is there correlation between social and economic value?

100 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book at hand aims to investigate the correlation between the creation of social and economic value. The main theoretical perspectives considered are Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social Value, Stakeholder Theory and Social Entrepreneurship. The research is based on a sample of ten companies in the oil industry over the period 2000-2009. It shows that in this sector there is definitely a positive correlation between the creation of economic and social value. This conclusion can be extended to sectors characterized by similar conditions and due to the evolution of the economic and social context, more and more sectors will have to face the same issue. Room for further research is left to demonstrate that other sectors characterized by social and environmental impacts face the same situation. The analysis should help shed some light on the importance of creating social value, and should be especially useful to business executives and policy makers interested in the...
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