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Panasonic Malaysia SDN BHD   David Yong Gun Fie,Yap Voon Choong and Debbie Lim Shin Ling

Panasonic Malaysia SDN BHD

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the continuous changing business environment in Malaysia, the Audio Visual (AV) and Home Appliances (HA) industry fluctuates like a roller-coaster with the business environment. Panasonic Malaysia (PM) is the sole authorized sales and marketing company for all Panasonic products in Malaysia, where the Panasonic brand has been a superior brand in the market for decades. However the recent hike of oil price, steel price and economy downturn had exerted pressure and many uncertainties on the AV and HA industry. Besides the weak and slow economy movement, Panasonic Malaysia also faced strong competitions from its rivals in the industry. Hence in order to survive in this competitive market and gain higher market share PM needs to change its strategies. The PM marketing and sales team must constantly initiate different forms of sales promotions and incentives for its authorized dealers in order to capture market share and maintain its competitiveness, especially in the LCT and plasma...
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