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The Challenges & Opportunities of eLearning in Hi-Edu of KPK, Pakistan   Allah Nawaz

The Challenges & Opportunities of eLearning in Hi-Edu of KPK, Pakistan

172 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The information and communication technologies (ICTs) are riding on the horse of ‘Bullet-theory’ with a license to ‘Inject’ facts and figures into Individual, Group, Community, National and Global Spheres – and there is No Escape. In the realm of education ICTs take-on the form of eLearning with eTeaching and eEducation to digitize university-constituents. Since 1990s the experiences with eLearning systems particularly in higher education suggest that adoption of these technologies is neither automatic nor a one-shot activity rather it is a social process demanding multi-disciplinary treatment along the trajectory of development and use practices. However, research also asserts that integration of eLearning in the legacy systems is a more human and social issue than technical and deterministic. There is need for digital literacy of the developers and users to tune their mindset with the social constructivism offered by the virtual learning environments using 24/7 connectivity through...
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