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Evolution of Living Information Systems Development   Ifechukwu Nnatuanya

Evolution of Living Information Systems Development

148 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research investigates IS development, the thinking behind it and the various approaches and problems it faces. The key problem is linked to the instability of organisations (change) and the resultant problems this gives the requirements analysis process. Living information systems concepts and principles are used to devise and test an approach to developing information systems. It spans the evolution of the living information systems idea from a concept that would be desirable to implement to an exhibit of an idea that forms the basis of an alternative approach to IS development. The living information systems idea attempts to foster a new way of thinking of, about and treating IS within an organisation. Adopting an action research methodology,we introduce the consumable view of IS in combination with the Bricolage approach to developing IS. A new system of dealing with requirements that leads to a new procedure for the requirements analysis process is also introduced. Finally,...
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