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Social Enterprise Applications in Urban Facilities Management Setting   Siti Uzairiah Mohd Tobi

Social Enterprise Applications in Urban Facilities Management Setting

368 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book aims to contribute to the area of new alignment in Facilities Management (FM). By taking urban FM as the focus of the research, it highlights how FM is looking at a new way to deliver services to the community, which involves the management of public facilities, infrastructure and its associated services. This new alignment in FM gives new ideas to many researchers by using the urban FM concept to explore many possibilities and putting it in a proper place to improve the current services related to FM. The concept of urban FM moves away from the classical view of the ‘traditional service provider’ approach that involves the private sector such as in privatisation, outsourcing, or even joint venture approaches. In particular, this book outlines the enablers for a new service delivery model which meets the needs of social enterprise applications in urban FM setting, for the purpose of managing community facilities operations.
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