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A Guide to Effective Employees Training and Development Programme   Nahusenay Teamer Gebrehiwot

A Guide to Effective Employees Training and Development Programme

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Update the Capacity of Your Staff Members with this Practical Reference: We can have the greatest business model in the world and the best systems, but if our employees cannot handle the growth, we are still toast. If our company is not investing in training, its competitiveness in the market may become weak. Think about all the companies you admire as models for doing business right; you will not only find that they have got a good training program, but training is a part of their culture. If we ask them why they train, they probably consider our question like why we breathe. If we want to breathe some life into our operation, start by investing in our people: train them. As staffing patterns change, new technologies are introduced, and new societal needs are expressed, staffs have an increased need for opportunities in training and development. Here is the information you need to not only show you the step by step of handling the training programmes but also to excel your job by...
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