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Conceptual Multi-objective Optimization Model   Yaser Kishawi

Conceptual Multi-objective Optimization Model

104 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Water Resources Management has been the subject for several studies. Researches are trying to find a sustainable solution to water scarcity world wide. This is the case in the Middle East, in general, and specifically in Gaza Strip in the Palestinian Territories. Gaza Strip severely suffers from lack of water quantity and quality in main water resource within the study area (the Coastal Aquifer). Sustainable solutions had to be proposed to tackle this urgent issue. Multi-objective optimization model could play a significant role to provide an effective decision making tool for the water authorities. This work examines the components, available/required data to establish a baseline for a conceptual Multi-objective optimization model and investigate the ability to apply this approach. Previous literature is reviewed and proposed models (covered part of the Gaza Strip area) while this work propose a model to cover the entire Gaza Strip area. Objectives and constraints are investigated...
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