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Applied Strategic Management   Kristina Ramlan

Applied Strategic Management

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Embarking on a corporate transformation requires an effective leadership to build the underlying structure, drive implementation, measure and manage the ongoing process of achieving goals. But first, the process of strategic planning needs to be in place to chart the direction, strategies and actions. Many small or not-for-profit companies belief only large businesses can afford the time and personnel to develop a sound plan. However, anyone who wants to grow and compete in the marketplace needs to know some of the game plans - and strategic management is a major part of any successful business. Applied Strategic Management presents the direct application of strategy frameworks and tools to define market objective and focus that would transform an ailing country club into a club of choice. The work aims to embed a strategic management practice into the club's operation as its leadership looks for ways to improve its performance. It is a useful reference for anyone who sees the value...
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