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The Nuclear Power Plant Reflections   Dejsingchai Wongkhumton

The Nuclear Power Plant Reflections

172 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
All these findings help and support us to understand more the current conditions and energy management. Give space for security context concerning the protection for both social and cultural factors, improving the quality of life and considering the happiness and satisfaction of whichever community. Cooperation from the government, academia, community leaders, and citizens is very much required, that together hand in hand, to work hard on finding means to discover a new energy source and provide power and energy reservation to the country as well as to other countries. Changes in the social structure may link to positive and negative results, but then these are likely to provide benefits that take part in control with social functions. Culture is another factor that controls the other system. Cultural system structured the terms and symbols and then cultivates personality. In an institution which mainly believes that social structure and social functions are connected with culture,...
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