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Applied Practices in Strategic Human Resource Planning and Management   Jones Orumwense

Applied Practices in Strategic Human Resource Planning and Management

296 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Writing this Book on Strategic Human Resource planning and management in the 21st century has been a wonderful and exciting journey. It all started during the process of searching for a new book for my MBA students on SHRM at Kampala International university[Kampala-Uganda]. I was hoping to find a new SHRM book paying more attention to the institutional context and people management issues, preferably with industry illustrations from practice. The target audience of this book is the upper Level students and professionals with some prior knowledge of HRM through, for example, a basic human resource[HR]course on the functional areas of HRM e.g[ selection, training, appraisal and pay] or through work experience. SHRM is about alignment between HR practices and the alignment of HR practices with the internal and external organisational context. The internal organisational context is for example, determined by history of the organisation, the organisation in place.The external...
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