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The application of Last Planner System in Construction Design   Matteo Cremona

The application of Last Planner System in Construction Design

2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The improvement of the work-flow reliability and the process predictability represents a key factor in order to enhance the design process in construction, offering huge opportunities for increasing the performance of both the single project and the industry sector. Moreover, taking into consideration the impact of collaboration on the overall project outcomes, the research has recognised the necessity for the practitioners in construction, to exceed the conventional design management practices, reorganising the entire process, in a way that, the wastes are eliminated and the value of the product is maximised. In this sense, a series of interventions has been individuated in order to achieve the objectives. However, the research focuses on the application of the Last Planner System, as a managerial technique able to improve the design planning and control process, to establish proactive interactions among all the project participants, and to enhance the decision-making activities.
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