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Retail Stock Loss Menace   Pearson Chaurura and Kudzai Chuma-Chaurura

Retail Stock Loss Menace

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study was carried out to determine the perceptions of clothing retail employees in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe regarding dominant routes of stock loss and the control methods against them. This was done with a view to determine the degree of fit between problem and control method and then make appropriate recommendations. The study was conducted by way of a survey involving six (6) clothing retailers located in different positions in and around the city of Bulawayo. Three (3) of these retailers operate chain stores in Bulawayo. Questionnaires were sent out to a total of 75 clothing retail employees at the levels of manager, (34.7%), supervisors (24%) and sales or shop-floor personnel (41.3%). The study established that employee clerical errors were the perceived dominant route of stock loss, yet the dominant stock loss method appears to be the use of security personnel. Apparently, there is a clear lack of fit between the real problem and the popular control method. It would seem sensible...
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