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Exploiting the Inherent Potential of Diversity   L?rke Wendelboe Nielsen and Birgitte Fruensgaard

Exploiting the Inherent Potential of Diversity

184 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today, innovation is vital for staying in a market that becomes more global and more heterogeneous, which draws attention to organisational diversity. Yet, studies show that many Danish organisations have an astoundingly high degree of homogeneity, which might be explained by a lack of insight in diversity?s potential and a scarce field of literature on the topic. With this thesis we wish to examine how organisational diversity is exploited in the innovation practices of global enterprises. The aim is to deduce some general findings on the subject by establishing a knowledge-based theoretical framework for diversity in which an inductive research method is used for a case study of IBM. The thesis will propose a management model of three interrelated gear wheels that provides some concrete initiatives on how diversity and innovation is addressed in an organisational context. The model should be an inspiration for organisations in establishing and maintaining an inclusive culture,...
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