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Online Sales And Inventory Management System   Seyed Sadegh Vasefi

Online Sales And Inventory Management System

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Online Sales and inventory management system is a software that not only tells the details about the product available in the departmental store; it also gives the details about the available products, billing information, sales done on the target basis, with its contents also. It is used to maintain the records for the products sold in the departmental stores. Small business owners who are concerned about their sales and marketing capabilities could begin to see improvement by breaking down the term "sales and marketing" into discrete, manageable elements. You end up with a checklist that can be reviewed in order to prioritize areas needing improvement - a checklist that will serve as the groundwork for an effective marketing strategy. The .NET Framework is a collection of services and classes. It exists as a layer between the applications you write and the underlying operating system.
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