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A Wine Lover's Guide   Andre Domine

A Wine Lover's Guide

125x185 228 страниц. 2013 год.
HF Ullmann
In this compact guidebook wine lovers will find documented facts and valuable tips all about wine. The reader first learns everything about wine-growing - the most important grape varieties, the significance of the terroirs, conventional and bio-dynamic forms of cultivation, vine protection and the grape harvest. The wine cellar is the focus of the second part with the basics of wine processing, barrel development and bottle production. Traditional as well as innovative methods are described and the reader learns how the "ideal wine cellar" should look. A look at the great wine countries rounds out the book. In addition to the classical wine cultivation regions new regions from around the world are presented. And finally there are valuable tips for purchasing wine - and of course enjoying it. An indispensable book for all wine lovers!
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