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The Consumer Emotions Influence On The Choice Of Tourist Destinations   Shabnam A. Seyedmehdi

The Consumer Emotions Influence On The Choice Of Tourist Destinations

184 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Tourism is considered as an important economic resource which contributes to gross product increase. People go on vacation under the influence of different motivational factors such as intellectual, social, stimulus/avoidance and competency/mastery. For example, some people are more interested to go on vacation for discovering new places and some prefer to be relaxed mentally. As people are different, we cannot predict exactly where they choose to go for vacation. On the other hand, emotions play a key role in every moment of our life and especially in decision making. In the context of tourist destinations, emotions have more specific roles. Consumer emotions are divided into positive affect and negative affect. Positive affect includes contentment, happiness, love and pride. Negative affect includes fear, shame, anger and sadness. This study is going to find out whether these emotions have any influence on choice of tourist destinations .Moreover, the influence of Consumer...
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