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Gender,HIV/AIDS Impact in Tanzania, Africa "Hope For Cure"   Sandeep Singh and Hezron Isaac Magambo

Gender,HIV/AIDS Impact in Tanzania, Africa "Hope For Cure"

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Abstract Objective: To assess the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania Minor Objectives: a) Impact on children being orphaned by HIV/AIDS.b) Impact of sex education. c) Social and economic Impact Methods: A survey on Impact of HIV/AIDS was conducted using questionnaires, Expert interviews and literature review. Results: Interviewed Experts said that supply and demand of anti-retroviral drugs is not consistent and demand is higher than supply. Experts were happy with the policies put by the government but their implementation is not portraying the reality. From survey it was concluded that more than 50% of people favored having sex without protection. Around 50% of people said that HIV/AIDS patients are economically burden on the families and 20% of people informed that they were forced to have sex by their partners. It was reviewed that HIV/AIDS has hope to be cured from recent sources. Conclusion: Sex education needs to be improved in schools and colleges to...
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