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Value Delivery System of 'Fresh Produce' in India:Issues & Challenges   Gaurav Joshi

Value Delivery System of 'Fresh Produce' in India:Issues & Challenges

172 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book mainly focuses on value delivery system of ‘fresh produce’ in India. India is the second largest purveyor of fresh produce and requires a lot of proficiency and resources. To handle such huge production is not an easy task, which is one of the biggest challenge that India faces to procure such huge production and supply it to end consumer. This book presents a framework to design various fresh produce procurement options available to a food-retailer like direct procurement from farmers and farmer organizations, development of business partners/service providers, and explores production areas adjoining to consumption pattern. The study related to marketing of fresh produce shows that Marketed Surplus can be boosted by increasing vegetable production by the farmers mainly for sale in market to increase their income. The empirical evidence demonstrates that the benefits of rise in prices are not fully availed by the growers and their gains have been intercepted by the...
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