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Power of E-Motion   Tobias Abt and Fabian Erath

Power of E-Motion

116 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
E-Cars have to fight against prejudices towards a lack of performance, long charging times, the fear of too short driving ranges and the list goes on. However, hazardous environmental pollution in Chinese megacities as well as changes among the consumers’ mindsets and purchasing behavior claim for a change in the product portfolios of today?s car manufacturers. As opposed to the western market the Chinese market is still almost untouched concerning to E-Cars. This phenomenon is mainly based on differences among the markets, especially the customer segment, partnerships and the proposition of value in China. To introduce E-Cars to China, car manufacturers have to develop business models that transform the specific characteristics of E-mobility to create economic value. The study conducted gives valuable information about the transformation of Business Models according the nine building blocks of the business model canvas and in regard to data emerging from a PESTEL-Analysis, to meet...
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