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Value creation from Corporate Restructuring   Jarl Zegers

Value creation from Corporate Restructuring

96 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book describes the study on shareholder wealth effects of European spin-offs in the period 1998 until 2007. The results show that in 50% of all cases, shareholders of parent firms face positive wealth effects around the announcement date of a European spin-off. The results in this book show also that shareholders are not better off within one –and two years after a spin-off transaction since returns in excess of matching firms are strongly insignificant for parent, off-spring and pro-forma combined firms. Nevertheless, managers whose remuneration package is linked to the operating performance of the firm may benefit substantially from a spin-off transaction. Seven value channels through which shareholder wealth might be created in European spin-offs are examined: improvement of corporate focus, reduction of information asymmetry, improvement of geographical focus, impact of corporate governance, the relative size of the spin-off, the timing effect of spin-offs and the presence of...
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