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Interrupted Employment and its Impact   P. Princy Yesudian and S.S. Kalamkar

Interrupted Employment and its Impact

276 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book presents the impact of interrupted employment. While the first part of the book discusses job loss issues at the macro level using secondary data, the latter part describes it at the household and individual levels using primary data collected through a survey and in-depth interviews in Mumbai, India. This study has taken job loss as a vital event in a person’s life and explores about his/her family life before and after the event. It was a challenge to link macro and micro-level findings to present a comprehensive view of the problem of interrupted labour. However this book aptly describes the extent of the job loss situation in Mumbai over the past two decades. The case studies highlight the depth of challenges families had to undergo due to the effect of this sudden event on the main earner in the family and the resilience measures successfully or unsuccessfully taken to counteract the situation.
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