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Change Management and Market Orientation   Fisnik Bytyqi

Change Management and Market Orientation

132 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Public companies in Kosovo, including PTK, have gone through major changes, subject to the loss of their monopoly situation in the market and subject to technological, legislative, and internal changes. Consequently, to survive and/or remain competitive PTK must adapt and prepare for these changes and an influential component involves how the company will manage this new challenge in the market. A quantitative research was conducted to covering the effect of change on the company (i.e., commitment, job satisfaction, managerial support, stress and burnout) and the movement of the company towards market orientation. The findings provided some positives and some negative insights on the variables studied. Although findings showed worrying levels of stress and burnout, moderate empowerment and employee involvement, PTK have a very satisfied and committed staff. The findings also indicated low level of organizational communication, both internal and external. Lastly, ...
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