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Retro Branding: New Old Fiat 500, a Success Story   Caterina Festorazzi

Retro Branding: New Old Fiat 500, a Success Story

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The ongoing global crisis has led people to look back to a mythical beautiful past as an inspiration for a brighter future. This is reflected in the recent trend in marketing studies, known as ‘retro revolution’. Examples of retro brands revive in all consumer industries but are particularly popular in the automotive sector. The success of the 2007 New Fiat 500 is a case in point: it leverages on the notions of brand image and brand equity as well as benefitting from cutting-edge marketing tools such as online communities and campaigns. The present case study combines these theoretical groundings with an empirical analysis based on a questionnaire administered to owners and non owners of the 2007 New 500. Results show how the subjective notion of communal nostalgia shapes purchasing behaviour and enhances the appreciation of the brand, alongside objective elements such as price and quality.
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