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Pakistan-China Strategic Partnership: Challenges and Prospects   Asifa Jahangir

Pakistan-China Strategic Partnership: Challenges and Prospects

220 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the canvas of extended South Asian politics, Pakistan-China friendly diplomatic ties are prominent as one of the most durable friendships, stood firm the pressures of time and swinging geo-strategic conditions. Nevertheless in the changing regional and international dynamics, this relationship has become more versatile, particularly keeping in view the trajectory of Indo-U.S. strategic partnership and the downward spiraling of Pakistan-U.S. relations. Therefore present effort is aimed to explore the avenues of strong Pakistan-China bilateral partnership while deeply analyzing this historical relationship in all fields of cooperation. China and Pakistan friendship may reinforce as long as sustained India-Pakistan rivalry and dwindling Pakistan-U.S. ties remain in South Asian politics. Pakistan would remain fixed with China as its most reliable strategic partner in counterbalancing India, and somewhat the U.S. diplomatic manipulation and negligence. Besides China will also have an...
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