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Impact of Mechanisation On Living Conditions Of Weavers   Ramesh Gundeti

Impact of Mechanisation On Living Conditions Of Weavers

352 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book mainly highlighted the critical view of impact of mechanization on living conditions of weavers. The First Chapter mainly focuses on the importance and strengths of textile and decentralized Power loom and Handloom sector in India. It also discusses about development and welfare schemes in Weavers sector implemented by Central and State Government. This chapter describes the objective of the study, methodology, hypothesis, limitations of the study. The second chapter is devoted to present the development of Handloom and Power loom industry at national, state and district levels. It also examines the development of Industry after mechanization liberalization and globalization. The third chapter deals with technological changes in weaving sector at National State and District levels. It also analyses using of machines and tools in the production process. Chapter fourth and fifth presents the socio-economic back ground of the weaver members and the impact of mechanization on...
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