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Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into Physiotherapy education and practice   Hellen Myezwa,Aimee Stewart and Patty Solomon

Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into Physiotherapy education and practice

560 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book presents a series of studies that inform education and practice for physiotherapists managing with HIV/AIDS. It presents a comprehensive assessment of disability using the ICF and outlines the difficulties related to disability experienced by people living with HIV/AIDS in a poorly resourced and well resourced environment. Difficulties experienced by patients are used to inform practice and education for physiotherapists. The first study informs the clinical picture by revealing the level of referral to physiotherapy where only 3% of eligible patients were referred to physiotherapy. Study two gives an overview of the functional and participation limitations of people living with HIV. The remaining three studies informed the curriculum component of this thesis. The final result is a conceptual framework drawn from the results of this thesis illustrating the three levels of curriculum taxonomy: micro level, through the body systems, meso level dealing with internal and...
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