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Unique Numbering System For Bus Routes   U. Faisal and Nived S.

Unique Numbering System For Bus Routes

80 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Bus Industry forms an important part of the automobile industry in any country. More and more people are preferring bus transportation mode because of the aspects such as economic, safety and comfort. In most of the places, for identification of the destination of bus routes, Naming system in local languages are used. This becomes a barrier especially for foreigners, ageing people, migrants and disabled peoples to understand the route name in the display boards. The distance and speed of busses are also factors causing barrier for communication. For eliminating these linguistic barriers, this book presents an Alpha – Numeric Naming System along with the existing route naming system.. As a pilot project, the system has been implemented in Kannur District of South India with the initiative of the District Administration. The system has been well appreciated particularly by the media and in general by the public. The logic of the system can be easily implemented in any country without...
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