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A Corporate University   Edita Gabric and Bogomir Kovac

A Corporate University

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book in front of you is the result of a research for a master`s thesis and it is about strategic management of employees in multinational companies, exploring the Corporate University`s practice abroad and possibilities for its implementation also in the former Yugoslavian Republic and a member of European Union since 2004, Slovenia. The book is divided into four main chapters, going from the basic theory on knowledge management and Corporate Universities to analysis of current Slovenian educational system and finishing with, what is mostly important, analysis of possible application of proposed model in one of the Slovenian successful multinational corporations, manufacturer of home appliances, Gorenje Group. The author constructs a model for Corporate University in Slovenia, where this type of institution does not exist yet, what is more, many do not even know about its existence in the world. We spend half of our time at work and, especially in times of economic crisis, we...
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