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Entrepreneurship Education In Non-business Educational Institutions   Aamar Ilyas

Entrepreneurship Education In Non-business Educational Institutions

156 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Entrepreneurship course is considered as a part of business and economic studies. But the primary objective of entrepreneurship is to promote creativity, boost the awareness of students about self-employment and job creation, give exclusive ability to plan and manage business in order to run it successfully. Entrepreneurship is not only related to develop business plans and start up new venture, it also develops creativity, innovation and business orientation, a way of thinking and acting relevant to all parts of the economy and society as well as the whole surrounding ecosystem. Non-business students are very superior technically, and have solid thoughts about new product. But on the other hand, majority of non-business students are weak in the field of commercialization, marketing, and venture capital. One of the main causes of poor performance of non-business students sector may be lack of entrepreneurship and business skill. The result of the study would professional...
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