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Vendor Managed Inventory   Sylvester Asiafa

Vendor Managed Inventory

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The last two decades has witnessed a dramatic surge in the number of published business books and this has caused a growing awareness on better ways to manage business organisations. Among those contributing to this growth are scholars, industry experts as well as practitioners. Observably not too many writers have dwelled extensively on inventory management using the concept of vendor managed inventory (VMI) let alone consider an industry in one of the developing economies of the world. It is therefore mandatory to write a book that fills this void. A vendor managed inventory program is a supply chain performance and cost effective initiative. In spite of its growing awareness, little has been mentioned about its application in third world countries. This is a phenomenon readily exposed in this book as it covers the practices of VMI in the Indian Retail Industry. A good number of facts and figures abound vis-a-vis current statistics on Indian Retail Industry.
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