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Potential of Takaful in Pakistan: A Transformational Paradigm   Waheed Akhter

Potential of Takaful in Pakistan: A Transformational Paradigm

348 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research identifies Takaful as an important financial instrument and its crucial role in the development of the country that is evident from its recent developments in Malaysia, Middle East and even non-Muslim countries like Sri Lanka. The need is to create awareness of Takaful concept among general public and to eliminate misconceptions related to prevalent concept of conventional insurance. Takaful has emerged as an alternative solution to present insurance dilemma. The success of Takaful business lies in its very nature of being Shari’ah compliant. This system is based on eternal Shari’ah laws where no one gets undue advantage at the cost of others. Rather, it is a fair and transparent system free from exploitation and injustice. Recent growth of Takaful across the world clearly indicates its promising future for Pakistan. Transformation of existing system is truly compatible with the needs and beliefs of the people of Pakistan who constitute more than 150 million population...
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